Apr 28 – May 4 2014 Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

This week on Lake Okeechobee we have had some pretty bad winds from the South which has beaten up the North end of the lake a little. The water temp is in the low 80’s.
The summer time pattern’s are here. The fishing is pretty good in the morning in areas around King Bar, Tin House, 3rd point and 4th point. The best baits are Strike King’s swim jig in a dark color, a War Eagle spinner bait and a dark colored speed worm with a heavy weight. When the morning bite is over, I have been flipping a 1oz Gambler Godzilla jig in the cattails. Here is a picture of a couple of fish that I have caught this week.
You can check the water level of Lake Okeechobee at www.okeechobeejust4bass.com.

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