Dec 14, 2015 – Jan 9, 2016 – Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

This last couple of weeks on Lake Okeechobee the winds have been from the South/East but the last week they have been from the North. We have had a couple of fronts which has cooled the water up some, but the fishing is still pretty good. Water temp is in high 60’s to low 70’s now. The East end of the lake on the outside is pretty muddy, but the inside is fishable and they have been catching some nice ones there. The north end water clarity is good and the west end of the lake is good also.

The best bait the last couple of weeks has been Topwater and Senkos fished pretty slow. Also flipping a jig has caught some nice ones too. The flipping target has been the thicker weed clumps. Here is a picture of a couple of fish I have caught this week. 

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