Dec 14 – Dec 21, 2016 – Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report (910) 330 9821 Weekly Bass Fishing Report For The Week Of Dec 14 – Dec 21, 2016 This week on Lake Okeechobee the fishing has been great you can almost go any where on the lake and catch fish. The winds have been from the North to North/East from 5-10 mph and it has been overcast so that has help the bite.

The water temp is still in the low 70’s and water clarity is good throughout the lake. The best bait is still shiners for numbers and quality and there is a good artificial bite in the mid morning and throughout the afternoon. The best bait is a Senko in a dark color with the overcast we have had this week. The key to this is fishing very slow with this bait. Good areas to fish are the Pass, Tin House, and the Lakeport area of the lake. You can also check the water levels of the lake at Here is a picture of a couple of fish that I caught this week.

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