Feb 19 – Mar 10, 2016 – Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

The last couple of weeks on Lake Okeechobee have been holding well. The winds have been anywhere from 5-25 mph, which is normal for this time of year, but the last week the wind have been 5-10 mph from the South East. The water temperature is in the mid 60’s and the weather has been consistent and the water clarity has been good around the lake.

The best bait is still with wild shiners. On the artificial side, there has been a lot of fish caught on Senko’s and Flukes, along with big worms in the lilypads areas. Good areas to fish are Grassy Inland, Kings Bar, Tin House, and the Lakeport area of the lake. Here is a picture of a couple of fish that I caught this week.

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