Feb 23- Mar 1, 2015 Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

This week on Lake Okeechobee the winds have been from the East/South East from 5-10 mph. We have also had a small front but it did not drop the water temp too much. In the afternoons, the water temp was 67 degrees. The water clarity on the East side of the lake is still muddy unless you go into the ponds were you can find clearer water. The North end of the lake is OK, just move around until you find better water clarity and the West end of the lake is muddy on the outside grass line but cleans up inside the grass line. This week was the back side of the new moon and the results have been pretty good.

The best bite is still with wild shiners. On the artificial side this week, spinnerbaits and swim jigs were the best baits along with the a 6 inch Black/Blue Senko and Watermelon Red Flukes on the flats. Good areas to fish are Grassy Island, the Pass and the Lakeport area of the lake. Here is a picture of some fish that I have caught this week.

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