July 7 – July 14, 2014 Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

This week on Lake Okeechobee the winds have been light and mostly out of the South with the water temp sitting in the high 80’s. The west side of the lake has an algae bloom now and doesn’t look very good. I have been fishing the East side of the lake with some success.
The Best Bait for me in the morning has been a Black Buzz Bait and once the morning bite is over I have been flipping a Gambler Jigzilla in Black/Blue( 1oz) in the Pencil Grass/Kissimmee. The bite has been pretty light(it feels just a little heavy). Good areas this week have been Kings Bar , Tin House , and J&S . Here is a picture of Corey Hall (from Okeechobee Fishing Headquarters) with a couple of fish that we caught at the Garrard’s Team Tournament on Saturday.

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