November 25 – December 7, 2015 – Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

The past few weeks on Lake Okeechobee the rain and wind has been pretty bad. We have had a couple of fronts which has cooled the water down a lot which is good. The past full moon has moved quite a few bigger fish onto the flats. Water temps are in the low 70’s and the temps have been stable for the last week. The water clarity is good on the North end of the lake and the West end too. On the East end it’s not too bad. 

The best baits the last couple of weeks has been top water and a worms. The fish are moving around so just fish with the wind on the flats. Good areas to fish are Kings Bar, J&S, and the Lakeport area of the lake. Here is a picture of me with a couple of fish that I caught this week.

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